Monday, February 20, 2012

online index rebuild and update statistics

Hi ..

Please advice whether i have to do update statistics along with Index rebuild (online /off line)

Thanks in advance

This depends on the traffic on your DB. IF its an OLTP/heavily used DB you might keep this for off peak use. Your Index scripts could be scripted to either update or do not update stats. You dont *have to* update stats. Its optional. But generally its good to keep updated stats. Again, depending on your Db size and usage, you can turn Auto Statistics ON or OFF.|||

Manual statistics update is preferable in off-peak hours

|||To reword his question a little bit, if you perform Alter Index .... Rebuild, do you need to also perform an Update Statistics with full scan afterwards? The Alter Index ... Rebuild updates stats based on sampling rates. Is there any real advantage to updating the stats with a full scan afterwards?

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