Monday, February 20, 2012

online index rebuild Problem


Please advice whether i have to do update stats after i do online index rebuild

I use Alter index with (options as below)




Should i be doing update stats after this online index rebuild?

After doing online index rebuild when clients connecting to DB the Response time has increased ..

During Online INDEX REBUILD page file usage rises from 3 Gb to 10 GB and stays at 10 Gb even after online index rebuild

i have no idea on this ..

pls Advice ...I Need help..........................

Thanks in advance

By rebuilding the index, the default behavior of SQL Server 2005 is to autoupdate statistics

So no extra work is needed by you


Pagefile is increased, then check the memory settings on SQL Server.

Also if there are tables with frequent inserts and updates then its better to schedule an intermittent UPDATE stats for optimum performance.

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