Monday, March 26, 2012

Opening report takes too long


I've created reports using CR v10 Professional developer SP2 and all the latest hotfixes. The reports run fine in most environments except on one computer (XP SP2), where opening some of the reports takes several minutes (normally in a blink of the eye). The problem is that the computer is our report server. The reports reside locally on the computer and database connections etc. work fine. There does not seem to be any logic as to which reports work and which don't.

The problem seems to reside in the .rpt file since opening the problem reports using both the developer and a run time engine take evenly long. We've managed to isolalte the problem to the file opening porcess, before setting any parameter values or database connections logging the runtime engine.

The only work around seems to be rebuilding the reports on the computer creating our concerns. Does anyone know the cause or have a fix?

Thanks in advance,
JukkaMay be virus?
Run Anti Virus and see the performance|||you may try with dao connection taht whold slove your problem

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