Friday, March 30, 2012

OPENQUERY and unicode from MySQL

Hi, all. Using SQL 2005. When I execute this query against a MySQL database set up as a linked server, cyrillic text stored in unicode in MySQL shows up as question marks (?).

'SELECT * FROM documents

Clearly, some kind of unicode issue. I've spent a few hours reading in BOL and searching online. Must be something simple, but I'm not finding a solution. If anyone has suggestions, I'd be very grateful.


Just to follow up, my testing this morning suggests that this is an issue with the MySQL OBDC driver, used to create the connection to the linked server in SQL Server. So if anyone has solved this issue before, of course I'd be happy to hear the answer. Has anyone used a different driver to connect to MySQL as a linked server? I don't think I can use the Cherry City Software OLE DB provider, because it doesn't seem to support large text columns ( I need a way to connect to MySQL as a linked server, using unicode (multilingual text in different rows) and text storage in some row columns at 50,000 bytes or more.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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