Friday, March 30, 2012

OPENQUERY throws Error 7357 when the source SP uses temporary table.

Hello Everybody / Anybody,

Sorry but exiting problem!

The Problem: OPENQUERY throwing error [Error 7357]when the source SP uses temporary table.

Description : Need to validate data against master list. My combo on UI has a source Stored Proc(contains a temp table in it).

I'm importing data from Excel. Before import, I want to validate it against my master list values.

[say field Priority has master values "High, Medium,Low".] and in excel user has added 'ComplexHigh' under priority field]

In this case, my import validator StoredProc should not accept value 'ComplexHigh' as it is not present in my Priority master list]

I'm preparing a temp table tabName containing o/p of SP, it works fine zakkas if my SP usp_SelectData does not contain temp table.

I think you got what the situation is!! Woh!

Note : I have searched net for this and found nothing! So its challenge for all of us. TRY OUT!!

- The Code -

create proc usp_SelectData
create table #xx (FixedCol int)
insert into #xx select 1 union select 2
select * from #xx
drop table #xx

create proc usp_SelectData2
create table xx (FixedCol int)
insert into xx select 1 union select 2
select * from xx
drop table xx
-- Please replace MyDB with your current Database
SELECT * INTO tabName FROM OPENQUERY('EXEC MyDB.dbo.usp_SelectData')

-- Throws Error 7357 : [Could not process object 'EXEC MyDB.dbo.usp_SelectData'. The OLE DB provider 'SQLOLEDB' indicates that the object has no columns.]
SELECT * INTO tabName FROM OPENQUERY('EXEC MyDB.dbo.usp_SelectData2') -- Works fine

Thanks in advance...


normally the OLEDB provider is expecting to get something back from the query. So try to put in either a return 0 or a simple Select or string stating ('Statement executed') at the bottom of the query.

BTW, why don′t you just use the select statement rather than creating tables and so on.. select 1 union select 2 ?

HTH, Jens Sü?meyer.


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