Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Opening SQL Server Express files with SQL Server Management Studio (2005)

I am trying to open a SS2005 Express file with the full version of SQL Server Management Studio but it will not let me. I cannot install SQL Server Express Management Studio as they cannot co-exist on the same machine!

I can open the file in Visual Studio but itb will not allow me to change table names or move tables etc to another SQL Express database.

Is there an addin tool that will allow me to work on these files with SQL 2005 Studio or any other tool that will allow me to change table names and move tables/data between SQL Express files?

You cannot open database files in Management Studio.

You have to attach the database to your SQL Express in order to connect to it with Management Studio.


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i think what you are refering is User Instance feature of SQL Server Express. This feature is only available in Express edition. So you may change the connection string which connecting to otherversion.

attach the mdf and ldf file using sp_attach_db and then you can view the database in Management Studio


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