Monday, March 12, 2012

Open default DB in Enterprise Manager upon connecting to server (SQL2000)

1. My hosting provider hosts ~500 databases on the server where my DB
resides. To open my database I use SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager.
While server connection timeout is short enough (about 1-2 seconds), when I
click "Databases" folder in server hierarchy, trying to enlist all
databases, it takes and extremely long period of time to set up a list.
Moreover - 60% of attempts usually fail. - Enterprise Manager hangs deadly
and its process could be terminated only by Task Manager.
My first question is: why does EM take such a timeout to display a list of
databases and why in most cases it halts?
2. To open my database and to start working with it I each time have to
perform the above steps. However I find it rather silly - to enlist all
databases first and ONLY THEN select mine. Logical approach to the process
of database connection suggests NOT to enlist all databases (I really need
only one!), but configure server (client?) that way that upon connecting to
server it automatically defaults to my DB.
My second question is:
Has SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager such a feature? Can I configure it
not to enlist all databases upon connecting to server, but switch directly
to mine by default?
Thank you in advance.
Vsevolod.Thank you so much for your help!
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