Friday, March 9, 2012

Open a DSN connection in TSQL

I'm trying to update an SQL DB from data in Quickbooks. I am trying to find if I can open a dsn connection in a stored procedure, called from an ASP page, to the quickbooks db using odbc. The driver I have for odbc does not allow for linked servers. I'm very new to stored procedures and such so please bear with me. Thxs.

Not easily would be my answer.

You could write a CLR procedure, but if your new to stored procedures I would assume C#/VB.Net is also something new.

You should be able to create a linked server Do you have an example connection string to connect to Quikck books


You are correct, I don't know VB.Net either. I know ASP that is about it.

I don't have an example for you, I can create a linked server to the Quickbooks db in Ent Manager but then I can't figure out how to access the db from SQL.

If I am not mistaken you have to have four-part naming to access the db but I believe the ODBC driver supplied with Quickbooks does not support this, you can only use this with a driver purchased from the company that supplies the driver included with Quickbooks.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thxs.

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