Monday, March 12, 2012

Open File - Security Warning

The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?
This is my first SSIS package and the first for my employer. Under DTS we run some overnight tasks that bin with a .Net console application that downloads data. Several of these run in parallel.

Looked to me that the Execute Process Task was a good fit for the requirements. When I executed the step, the program did begin to execute in that a DOS window opened. But when, I clicked the run button on the warning dialog, the task step ended.

1.- How to tell the Execute Process Task not to open the Security Warning dialog?
2.- Have you any suggestions about my approach?

I am having a very similar issue actually. Any solution will be highly appreciated. I have even tried setting up the group policy and set the batch files/exe file extension to low risk, but that has not helped much either :(|||

Still trying to get past this error! Does anyone have a way to set this up so that the package doesn't ask if we really want to run this program?

Any help would be appreciated,


|||And what happens when the .Net console application is run from the command line without using SSIS?|||

I have seen this occur also, but only when being run from a network path such as \\\f$\MyBatchFile.bat. I found info stating this was because it is being run within the Internet Zone security. (This is because anything with a "." in the name becomes Internet Zone by default - no joke). Had luck changing it to a netbios name like \\myserver\f$\MyBatchFile.bat. I am not saying this is a complete solution but something to consider if you are running from a network path.

On a separate note, if your command line application is a .NET executable it may also need rights assigned via CASPOL (or the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration Tool) to have enough access to resources.

-David R. K. DeLoveh


It's an attribute of the file. Right click on the file you trying to run, got to properties, click on the Unlock button at the bottom of the dialog.

If you cannot see the unlock button, then this is not the problem Sad

Had the exact same issue a while back.

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