Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open printer dialog in runtime mode in VB6

when i open report from visual basic 6 using viewer its give me only printer icon which only print direct to deafult printer without any option to choose another printer.
How i can choose which printer i want in runtime in VB6If found this:

Report.PrinterSetup 0

But for me it was easier to create my own Printer Selection form. I added a combobox for the Printer (filling it by looping through the Printers Collection), option buttons for All Pages or a specific page range, and a spinner for number of copies. I also added properties to the SelectPrinter Form to hold the data. Once the user picks the options and clicks 'Print', VB send the data to Crystal's .Printout.

Private Sub CRViewer_PrintButtonClicked(useDefault As Boolean)

Dim cOrientation As CRPaperOrientation
Dim cSize As CRPaperSize

useDefault = False

'Capture the original Orientation and Paper Size,
' SelectPrinter resets Landscape to Portrait
cOrientation = Report.PaperOrientation
cSize = Report.PaperSize

'Reset Form and all data by calling the NewData function on the SelectPrinter Form

'Set Max Number of Pages
frmSelectPrinter.MaxPages = Report.PrintingStatus.NumberOfPages

'Show Form and wait for User
frmSelectPrinter.Show vbModal

If Len(frmSelectPrinter.DeviceName) > 0 Then
'If a device is selected, print report
Report.SelectPrinter frmSelectPrinter.DriverName, _
frmSelectPrinter.DeviceName, frmSelectPrinter.Port

'Set the Orientation and Paper Size to the original,
' SelectPrinter resets Landscape to Portrait
Report.PaperOrientation = cOrientation
Report.PaperSize = cSize

Report.PrintOut False, frmSelectPrinter.Copies, , _
frmSelectPrinter.FromPage, frmSelectPrinter.ToPage

End If

End Sub

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