Monday, March 12, 2012

Open database in a connected device

Hi Everybody:

I'm writting an standar application in c# that comunnicates with a sql server 2005 in a mobile device. The mobile device is connected to the pc with an usb wire. In the sample I've made, I've inserted in the form main a datagridview. I go on the wizard to select the data source. I choose a Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Edition data connection. The data source is tge activesync mobile device. I create a new database in the mobile device called test.sdf. The wizard has a button to check the conecttion and it rules. A new connection appears in the server explorer. I add rows through a query. I build the solution and no problem, but when I start the debug session an sqlceexception occurs: Data Source not found. In the database connection that the project has created the connection string is: Data Source ="Mobile Device\test.sdf";

I didn't write any code. I just went on the wizards. All the code has been inserted by visual studio 2005.

Any idea?

Please see this.

|||Thank you very much Ilya. I'll use the windows mobile power toys to get the .sdf file.

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