Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open or Download a file in Sql Reports Resources using Report Service API

Using the reporting service web service to get the file path for a reports and the report viewer control on a Web page, it is possible to view reports. This works fine. I built a tree view that shows the reports. I also show resource files ( like .xls or .doc files ) that a user may have uploaded to the report directory. I show these filenames in the treeview as well as actual sql reports. If the user clicks on a report name, I set the path in the report viewer control and the report is rendered.

Now I would also like the user to be able to download or open any xls or doc file that may also be in the report directory from this web application.

Is this possible?

Normally in the Report Manager it uses Resources.aspx to download or open the file.

Is there any way to access these files programatically?



Okay I found the answer, it is using the Report Web ServicegetResourceContents()


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