Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open Query File dialog box

When I load up Query Analyzer and click File -> Open to open up a query
file, the open file dialog is always sorted by - i don't know
How can I set the default to open up with files ordered alphabetically?
HelenaQuery Analyzer uses the default directory order for the system, which is set from a registry entry somewhere in the bowels of Windows itself. The default order can be changed for all of the applications on a machine, but I don't remember how.

-PatP|||in the open file dialog, you can view by "details" and then sort by name, size, type, or modified date.|||Pat, thanks for replay

"Query Analyzer uses the default directory order for the system"

The files in Explorer / Outlook Insert File dialog box are in alphabetic order.
Its only in QA the order is wrong.

Helena|||Jezemines answer is the one to go with. There's no point fussing over this imo!|||I know to order the files in the box but I'm handling big number of scripts and I each time I want to open file I need to sort it first - its annoying

Helena|||Just in case somebody has the same problem, here is the solution:


Helena|||You've GOT to be kidding|||I missed the part about her using Windows 98, although I remember the problem from back then too. This became a registry fix starting with Windows 2000, but I don't remember the registry key or the values anymore because I haven't needed it for years.


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