Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open report in new window: window.open method gives error


I am using SSRS Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Designers
Version 9.00.1399.00. I want to open linked report in new window.

I tried whats mentioned in http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=240172&SiteID=1 but i get an error on Window.Open method.

How do I solve the problem?


to display a linked report in a new window, right-click on the text box containing the link text and go to 'properties', then the navigation tab. In the 'jump to URL' field enter the full path to linked report on the report server as follows:

http://<servername>/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2f<parent folder>%2f<name of linked report>&rs:Command=Render

you will need to change the text between the <angle brackets> to suit your network etc. This opens the linked report in a new window (works for me anyway:)
Notice that the URL above is slightly different to the usual URL that displays in the report server address bar - this version hides most of the report server window from the user, so they only see the report itself and its parameters (if any) - quite useful IMHO

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