Monday, March 26, 2012

Opening a SP to modify gives incorrect name on TAB

In SQL Server Mangement Studio when I right click on stored procedure to modify the name on the tab does not have the name of the stored procedure on it.

Is there a way to turn this on? When I more than one open how do I tell where a certain sp is?

what u see in Management Studio is Schema.StoredProcedureName... u might be seeing in Summary window where u have Name first , then Schema and Then Created... Both are same ...



The tab name currently displays an autogenerated file name with server and database information (same as what a new query would do). It does not show the stored procedure name. Currently there is no way to turn this on. Please post a suggestion for this on Suggestions filed on this site go directly to our internal issue tracking system and are especially taken into consideration by the team while prioritizing the future work.


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